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Before there was Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Robert Schuller, or even Napoleon Hill there was Charles Haanel. In 1912 he created a course for a select group of elite, wealthy businessmen who benefited so much that they begged him to never publicly publish this course. It has even been suggested that Bill Gates read an out-of-print copy of the course while attending Harvard and that to this day it has acted as a blueprint for creating his life and business empire. 

Like Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel studied and researched the secrets and keys to mastering the Universe. He took his knowledge and put it together into twenty- four part educational course that became The Master Key System. He began to share these findings with some of the world's wealthiest people sending them a new section of the course on a weekly basis. These wealthy people were so impressed with the findings that they begged Charles not to go public with The Master Key System. Charles did decide to publish the system in book format; however, he NEVER intended for it to be for the general public. Copies of Haanel's original books are rarely found today.

Some Online Publishers Are Violating Federal Copyright Law

Dear Haanel Follower...

It's pretty sad, actually. Since I was first introduced to Charles Haanel's material, I felt a connection at a universal level. I am confident you will, too. However, some online publishers are trying to profit from your desire to learn more. And, they're doing it illegally.  You see, the U.S. Copyright Laws allow for publications prior to 1923 to be in the public domain. That means, a publisher can find an original copy (just like I did), and re-produce it as they desire. This is why you will see The Master Key System and Mental Chemistry in e-book form, as they were published prior to 1923. 

However, works published AFTER 1923 are STILL protected by U.S. Copyright Law and are NOT in the public domain. That means, works by Haanel such as A Book About You, The New Psychology, and The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi ... ALL published after 1923, are NOT in the public domain. Therefore, a reputable online publisher cannot merely copy them and resell them as e-books. It's in violation of the Federal Copyright Laws. 

If you are serious about Haanel, honor his lifetime of work and only purchase legitimate copies of his books that were published after 1923 (and that would mean original copies, from rare book stores).

Haanel was all about helping individuals understand their connection with the Universe ... a universe that gives back in greater quantity what a person gives to it. It's ironic that some online publishers would stoop so low as to profit illegally, and it merely demonstrates they are not true followers of Haanel's core message.

By purchasing illegal e-book versions of works published after 1923, you dishonor the great work and contribution Haanel made to the personal development field and your support of those publishers that are selling illegal versions of Haanel's works amounts to nothing more than buying hair tonic from a bald-headed barber (they really cannot value the man's work if they are willing to violate copyright laws just to make a quick buck) - They're just out for your money

Honor Charles Haanel's lifetime work ... Before purchasing an e-book copy of a work published after 1923 (such as A Book About You, The New Psychology, and The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi), ask the online publisher to provide proof of their copyright ownership. 

To Our Greater Success,

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