Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacon - Proximity-Based Messaging ... The Marketing GAME CHANGER

Imagine a key-chain sized device broadcasting your message (with link attached) to anyone with an Android phone and Bluetooth enabled (about 70%+ of Android phone users) within 100-yards (and as you'll see, 100-yards creates a fairly large zone). That message is received via the phone's notification system and when that message is clicked, the viewer is taken to your website of choice ... be it a capture page, a video, whatever you want. When the user leaves the 100-yard radius, the notification instantly leaves their phone.

It's legal and FCC approved. In fact, NFC (Near Field Communications) was brought to market by Google with their Google Nearby technology. The Asirvia GO broadcasting beacon uses that Google Nearby notification technology. It's fully CRTC (Canadian compliant), Anti-SPAM, FCC and FTC complaint. It's not a text, not an email, doesn't use or collect data from the customers phone, doesn't access their contacts or information, and it doesn't ping their phone, either. The end user, if they have their Google Nearby notification settings turned on, gives permission for the notification to be received.They do not get pushed to a website or video unless they choose to click on the link itself in the notification.

Bluetooth-based geo-advertising is the wave of the future. In fact, those that do not embrace it, will ge left behind ... "Why Companies That Use Proximity Marketng Are Leaving The Competition In The Dust".The broadcast unit is small, inexpensive, and the battery-life approximately 2-years. You can change the 40-character message and the destination link attached to it as many times as you desire. This technology is here now, and it can give you unlimited people clicking your link without you EVER speaking to them. You can have unlimited prospects contacting YOU, without calling them or buying advertising. It IS the game changer and your source for endess leads!

The reality is, all businesses ... brick-and-mortar, online, service-based ... all have one common attribute ...the ongoing need for new and fresh leads. And the Asirvia Go is the absolute best and least expensive form of passive marketing.

To start getting leads with your Asirvia GO beason, it onlhy takes a tiny $25 "first and and last month" payment + a one-time $30 activation fee, for a totol of just $80, and then just $25/month thereafter, for one unit. No contract required! But once you grasp the concept and the vision, you're going to want more units, trust me. A keychain for mom, grandmom, sister, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, employee(s) ... all geo-casting your message (or messages ... you can have as many messages as you want broadcasting at any given time, you're just limited by the number of units you have - 1 message per unit broadcasted) ... and with this limited-time-promotion, you can have 8-units for just $99/month. Ponder that. The possibilities are endless. Seriously, 8-units broadcasting your message, taking prospects to capture-pages, delivering your messages, offers, services ... for just $99/month, hands-free. [Note: current promotion pricing thorugh July 31, 2017 is $25/mo for 1 unit; $49/mo for 3 units; and $99/mo for 8 units. You can lock-in this promotional pricing for life by acting now, as it is about to double that price after the promo!

Now, for the bonus for those really listening ...  You Can Share the GO and Earn Some Dough ... you heard it correctly, you can also MAKE money by referring others to the same technology you could be using. You can build a team or sell the GO units retail. either way, you can make a great monthly income! You don't have to quit your job or close your store, but it's a simple way to pay for the units you are using ... so now you can be a geo-advertiser, and it not cost you anything. Pretty powerful.



Speaking of Successful Marketing ...

Wait, what you doing? ... Go sign-up and order your GO beacon right away. This promotional pricing is only good for a handful of weeks. Then, AFTER you have done that, come back here for a SUPER way to implement your Asirvia GO unit and turn those passive, Bluetooth marketing leads into SALES. As I see it, there's essentially three ways to go with online marketing ...

(1) Throw it out there, and see what happens. This reminds me of the Vice-President of Marketing who has to make a presentation at the Board of Directors meeting, "I've got good news and bads ... the good news is, 50% of our advertising money is extremely effective. The bad news is I don't know which 50%.".

(2) Invest in a really high-end (read "expensive") CRM-type system, even before your first serious strategies on marketing have evolved, or even knowing what you need to do to plan, measure, and analyze ... 

(3) Something more than #1, and less than #2. For many, a full-featured autoresponder and lead management system is the answer. It was for me. I can handle the simplest of tasks, or very demanding solutions ... and do that without breaking the bank. I invite you to check-out one I have found is a proven winner, especially at the price (Business 101 ... Quality / Price = Value).


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