It's everywhere ... the news, social media, financial advertising ... the future is all about crypto currencies (digital currencies). And if I have already lost you, you definitely need to be here.

Crypto ... Pascal scams ... ICO's ... social scalability ... doubling spinning ... ledger changing ... smart contracts ... Byzantine consensus ... block chain computers ... wet social system ... custody ... micro transactions ... Satoshi Nakamoto ... the list goes on ... just a tiny percentage of the words and terms associated crypto currencies. Words and phrases that are totally Greek to me. How about you?

I'm a currency trader, yet my knowledge, today, on the emerging in digital currencies, and what they may represent, is very weak.

As a result, I sought-out an education, and as is typical of the commercialized Internet today, that knowledge is hard to come by, without a bias towards selling me Bitcoin or other crypto currencies. But I don't want to buy them yet, I want to understand them first. Be leary of those that try to sell you as your first step, it may be trouble.

There's been a huge proliferation of network marketing companies that do the same ... they are about emotional appeal to get me to buy digital currency. Some even do crowd-funding so you can get others to purchase crypto's for you. I just wanted an education.

So, I found exactly what I wanted. Education. And a good education.



I want to learn all there is to know about crypto currencies. I want to understand the potential, along with the risks. I want to know if I should think of crypto as a long-term investment, a hedge ( insurance policy) against the collapse of the US Dollar, or even the world's fiat currencies  ... or since I am a currency trader, am I better off trading it on an intra-day basis? Today, I am clueless. Tomorrow, I will know just a little bit more. For me, the knowledge is what is important, how it is packaged is trivial. But, some people will make the packaging the priority, and get lost on desired intentions.  

The education offered by this company is not static, it contunues to grow, and will continue to grow both broad and deep. I realize some people have negative stigmas about various company structures, and if you are one of them, I get it, this may not be for you. The structure here is membership. There are both discounted long-term memberships, as well as month-to-month (no contract / agreement) subscription memberships. Obviously, the quantity and quality of the instructional material must grow, stay leading-edge, dynamic, and unique, otherwise, those monthly memberships would be dropped pretty quickly.

The structure has its own emotional appeal, as you can share the concept with others, and have your membership costs covered. If one desires, they can literally build-out a very profitable secondary income using this vehicle. The site I am directing you to also demonstrtates the power of the referral. Regardless of your orientation, if crypto is something you may see in your future (and most of us will see it a reality in our future), then I encourage you to explore, and consider geting a quality education on crypto currencies.






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