The Art and Science of Optmizing the Human Potential

Several decades ago, I finally transitioned from the US Navy to civilian life. The first company I worked for published an internal monthly newsletter, so all the employees would be informed of the many projects our company was involved in at the time. The editor was starving for non-project articles and on a whim, I had a calling to write an article about "choices. For whatever reason, I made several drafts, and took about 10 days to pen nothing more than maybe 4 or 5 small paragraphs. But the prep work was worth it, and the article was well-received. It motivated me to read further. This was well before the days of a digital world. I handwrote about 5 to 6 letters to a handful of famous people, just curious as what they thought about this concept of choices. No responses from any of them. Then, on a brisk Thanksgiving Day at about 5:00 PM, I received a telephone call, at my house, from Muhammad Ali. After some quick maneuvering to get my wife and brother on the upstairs phone, I settled-in to a 45-minute call with The Champ. I wasn't overly intimidated, despite being just a mid-20-something. Ali was in a transitional point in his life, and while he asked me questions here and there, time was mostly spent with him giving me a rundown of some of his current thoughts and writings. But most importantly, he merely reinforced the thinking that took him to what and where he was in life to being a true champion. And that was some powerful thinking, obviously. When I hung up the phone, I sat back and sighed. That marked the start of a deep, multi-decade dive into all that is personal and self development. And, I've never looked back.

The last five years, I've focused heavily on neuroscience, an exploding area that totally intrigues me, and has huge ramifications in several areas of personal development. I have concentrated my efforts on the nature of thought, consciousness, and cognition. I've dug into the research of neuronal and cortical mechanisms, to better understand the underlying physiological process of perception and decision making. I've then bridged from the weak "blue genie" concept of Law of Attraction (LOA) as portrayed in The Secret, to the information sensory gateways of the brain (cortical processing), such as the amygdala, hippocampus, the caudate nucleus, the Thalamic gateway, and the Reticular Activating System (RAS) - (essentially your own lightning-fast Google search engine that finds only A-List goals, beliefs, and experiences), to derive a complete reality that ties ego, LOA, and RAS into one package than can be understood by the goal achiever.

While my undergraduate and graduate work focused on business and industrial psychology, I let my passion and curiosity guide me in my continuing education pursuits. I've spent considerable time with quantum physics (really nothing more than how the very small universe, that you cannot see with your eyes, actually operates), Hypno Genetic Evolution (you are not limited by genetic hardwiring), and paradigm shifts, and have certification-level coursework in Life Purpose, Life Coaching, Motivation Coaching, NLP Practioner, Law of Attraction Coaching, and Neuroplasticiity.

My main and strongest knowledge resides in goal achievement, and hence, my immersion into the advancing sciences that truly dictate the goal process, from both a conscious and non-conscious perspective. There is so much repeated material out there, and much of it is not only dated in a rapidlly evolving world, it is useless and frequently inaccurate ... the unfortunate side of an Internet world where information is free and readily available. My first major project in this goal achievement arena was for a Fortune500, and felt it was leading edge and comprehensive at the time. I'm about ready to release a book and online program, that takes that original work, marries it with the recent decades advances with neuroscience and self-growth ... it's levels beyond anything that exists in today's market. That program is "The Law of Spirals".

There is a constant spiral of our life in all that we do, and that spiral's rotation, dictates our success in failure in all we do. And as with other Universal Laws (Law of Gradual Progressive, Law of Compounding, Law of Gravity, etc.), the reality is whether we know or acknowledge their existence makes no difference as to the impact they have. They exist nonetheless, directing our destinies. The Law of Spirals compiles all the independent determinents of a success journey into one cohesive map, showing the interrelationships of each component. The fun part of this decade-long project is that each time I discover another one of those connections, they often reveal even more of them. The onion does indeed have many layers.

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The second project has been to build-out a planner that is fully compliant with the Law of Spirals. That planner is named GAP MAP. Appropriately, when we look at where we are, and where we want to go or be, there is always a gap. There is a way to detail that gap, and reduce it to a plan. The pun in GAP MAP is that the name is stand-alone, but also an acronym for "Goals And Priorities - Massive Action Plan". I've looked for the ideal planner out there, because if it is not connected to the Universal Laws that DO dictate success or failure, the planner is just a time scheduler. Blah. And yes, I've seen the deluge of day-planners that have flooded the market that last few years, but for the most part, they miss the mark. So having made tying this all together part of my life work the last 2 decades, it's time to get some of these tools out there.

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During my journey, I've helped many people look at their lives, truly identify their goals and priorities, and see the head-game realities of the fight they have to overcome to get to those dreams. Sometimes, that is a simple discovery of what their WHY really is (often times, that is confused), or to realize there are more meaningful priorities that overrule their ultimate desire with their WHY. The real measure is simply to find the happiness in what we are doing and to find some fulfillment from that, too. But somewhere along the line, this "helping others" has grown, and now I routinely do micro-coaching to help folks often identify their way. I'm not a licensed psychologist, but I am indeed THE Goals Coach. So if getting from here to there ... if jumping to that next level ... if you truly want those dreams you are chasing (health and fitness, financial, relationship, professional, etc.), I can help you create your own GAP MAP that will get you there. In the end, I am not a specialist in any of those areas, there are better technicians for sure. But what I can do that they typically can't, is get a plan in place, WITH the understanding of the head game that it's going to take. I don't charge anyone to get to know them, listen to their dreams, and track where they are today, so just know that I am a contact away. Not much to lose on your part, but the gain, ah the gain, is what it's all about.

Here's wishing you the very best ... peace, love, happiness, success ... in all your chosen endeavors and in your life.


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