Gold Fever Takes Over ... My Personal Nugget Quest

A short time after having arrived in California, a friend told me of his weekend in the Sierra Nevada's, and I was intrigued. I thought the entire gold-thing was just a piece of history, those 1849 gold rush old-timers. But I was far from being historically correct. In fact, current-day geologists say 90% to 95% of the gold in the rivers and ground has yet to be discovered. Understanding what has already been pulled-out, that statistic can create curiosity. It did for me!

I did my research, and my quest began. I started hanging out with some experienced miners and went on my first outing. I couldn't believe the interest in gold prospecting and what a huge (somewhat hidden) industry it is, especially for the small-scale miner(s).

But there is a magical, almost mystical reality to seeing the first yellow in your pan ... you cannot fight-off the inevitable "gold-fever". I have many friends, who do nothing but prospect and mine. I'm talking one-man operations. In California, it's not easy, as the uber-environmentalists attempt to block a citizen from practicing their rights afforded to them by federal mining laws that have been on the books forever. There is much truth to the saying, "California:  Gold Built It - Green Destroyed It".

There is nothing more therapeutic than a day or weekend in the hills, in the exact same areas and walking the same steps those 49's walked 165 years ago. There's still plenty of gold. The technology that the modern prospector has today, compared to what they had back then, gives us a great advantage to find what they missed and left behind. And there's even more virgin land that has never been explored for gold, past or present. Part of gold fever is not just touching a nugget that no man has ever touched before ... it's not just grabbing precious metal with value, but the dream ... that dream of finding your own mother lode. I'm pretty sure as long as I can walk, I'll be on the nugget quest. But, you see, the reality is that once bitten by the gold fever, there is no level of finality in the effort ... because with the fever, I know if I find a 1-pound nugget, I also know there's a 2-pounder out there playing hide-n-seek, just waiting for me to find it.

Nugget Quest Gold Adventure Tours

Since (in the warmer weather) I am often in the mountains on the weekends, I totally enjoy bringing along others. So, whether you are a Californian who has not experienced a real day into Gold Country, or if you are just visiting and want to schedule something different and memorable into that visit, let's hook-up and I'd be glad to take you on a real wilderness adventure to the Sierra's. But I will warn you, there is chance ... a strong chance, that you will be bitten, too, and your life will transform into a grand adventure ... your own personal journey exploring nature's golden secrets and your own fevered nugget quest. Contact me for more information.

Nugget Quest TV

I've got a great Aussie-friend who, like me, is fascinated by gold ... and we are working on an Internet-TV project, "Nugget Quest " (tm) which we hope to bring to screens in 2018. It's going to be quite different than any of the other gold shows that I really enjoy - Gold Fever, Gold Rush, Yukon Gold, Bering Sea Gold, Devils Canyon, etc. We're also looking for an adventurous hostess for the show ... a couple of weekend days a month, on-site in the Sierra's, talking to gold prospecting experts ... climbing, hiking, river work, and you will totally learn about the passion, challenges, and thrills of being a gold prospector. If you think you measure up, please do contact me ASAP

Relic and Treasure Hunting

I also have a passion for treasure hunting in general ... exploring and metal detecting ... be it ghost-towns of the past gold prospectors, old 49-er's cabins, old mines, and various historic locations (with permissions where appropriate, of course), or locations that might become historic. I'm a huge fan of Oak Island, Treasure Quest - Snake Island, Cooper's Treasure ... ... and if you just  happen to know Nicolas Cage, I'd love to be in the next National Treasure!





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